things every man needs in his home

Like his personal style, the space a man lives in says a lot about him. every thing in your home tells about your lifestyle from your bathroom to you bedroom every thing has a possible affect on your life style.

So, if the things in you home tell about who you are, then what are the the contents that tell others that you have a good taste and you are living a sophisticated lifestyle.

here are few things that will do something better to you.

1. Glassware

Every man needs some well designed and good glassware which includes basic like a beautiful decanter and set of six tumblers. it will make a great impression on your guests. don’t get the expensive ones because any time any one can break them .


2.  Comfortable Couch

comfy couch  is one of the main content   that should be in your home it is one of the main thing to strive in life.

Always get a sofa that is made of a hardwood like oak, beech, don’t buy the one with softwood like pine.and it must have a good size so you can sleep on it.




3.Wall Art

a wall art in your house will work as a butter. i don’t have to be much expensive it doesn’t have to be an original painting all it can be is a poster a map or any thing that please you  you know well what please you more. and it should be hanging on a nice place so i would be looking good where ever it is hanged.



4. Speakers

Being a man you need speakers in your home whether you are partying  Or maybe you’re setting the mood with a potential mate? Whatever the occasion, you’ll need some decent speakers.


5.Something That Smells Good

As an adult man  you need to make your stuff smell good yourself. Candles and room diff-users are ideal for making your house smell better.



You should have a good set of kitchen knives because   your home isn’t a home without a good set of kitchen knives


7.Some Large House Plant

you should have at least one large plant in your house because they increase oxygen levels through photosynthesis, can help prevent sore throats and dry coughs by releasing water into the air and, to top it all off, they look really, really pretty.










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